Best Christmas Gifts for 2016: Creativity & Science Overcome the Technology Wasteland

Yes, do not be afraid, there will be LED TV’s on the market this year that are so big

Avoiding a Greek Tragedy

For those who love history, or just extremely good movies

Birds Are People Too

More and more data is being collected in regards to the coexistence of humans and wildlife

Marriage & Family Therapist Holli Kenley Launches ‘Another Way Wednesday’ Podcast for Parents and Teens

  Recovery expert, family therapist, and author Holli Kenley, M.A. MFT is co-hosting a dynamic weekly podcast entitled “Another Way Wednesday Series”! The podcast series expands on Kenley’s 2015 educational novel Another Way which empowers teens with concrete strategies for making choices based on their worth and their unique levels of readiness. With an inclusive, […]

Neo-Realism of Lost Childhoods

Neo-Realism of Lost Childhoods ~ Dinesh Sharma   Child labor is a serious problem in India.  A country that is home to over 60 million child laborers, according to some NGO estimates, hopes to be a superpower. Is it possible for India to rise while almost 14% of its children are working in the streets and […]

Empathy In Motion: Students Stand Together Against Bullying

  Thursday, August 29th and Friday, August 30th, 2013, I saw empathy in action. Spending two days in the presence of Kirk Smalley and his Stand For The Silent message, I was paralyzed with hope as countless hearts were changed and lives were saved. Delivering his deeply personal narrative depicting the loss of his son – Ty Smalley […]

Seminar in Ontario – What’s My Role? Addressing Human Trafficking in your Field

Walk with Me has organized a seminar for law enforcement and social agencies in April in Ontario, Canada. The seminar is titled “What’s My Role? Addressing Human Trafficking in your Field” and is funded by the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week. Day 1 of the seminar is April 23, 2013, in Hamilton, Ontario. Following are some […]

Conducting Background Study in a Research Program

Most of the students who join a research program of study are often not fully explored to the directions they should take in order to choose a potential research area. Thus, you may notice them spending time readings different areas and at last ended up with no selection. There is one of many possibilities available […]