Freedom of Speech, Exercise your right to hush up!

Freedom of Speech, Exercise your right to hush up!

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream!, Ahhh, Here we go!


Ok, so I am getting a little tired of this freedom of speech thing. It seems that that term “Freedom of Speech” is being overused. I know, I know, that’s the whole concept Will.  But now whenever someone really just wants their opinion heard, they just slap in the phrase, “HEY, it’s freedom of speech!”  and think it’s ok to keep talking. But the real problem is it really is mislabeled.  It shouldn’t be called Freedom of my speech, but rather freedom of my opinion.  So I am going to give you my FREE bit of advice on freedom of speech and if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.

1.  A person spouting their freedom of speech should have a time limit on how long they can speak. Cause really, after awhile too much free stuff just becomes a bag of junk!

2. Manners,  put in a clause about manners. Cause sharing your freedom of speech is one thing, but become aggressive and opinionated makes you like my dad .. and no one liked my dad .. rest his soul.
I mean if you are in a situation and you notice that you are the only one talking after 20 minutes … your freedom is up and your most likely going to have to buy radio or TV time to continue .. which btw no longer makes it free
And finally, stop saying were becoming to PC; Political Correct.  The words politically and correct should never be in the same sentence.


Freedom of Speech, Exercise your right to hush up!
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