India has 220 languages, America has 1… Hmmm

India has 220 languages, America has 1… Hmmm

I am Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream .. Ahh. Here we go.

So I’m still in Mumbai India, and one thing that keeps coming up that absolutely makes me American and proud of it … well, not proud of this part, is the language thing.

See, I’ve traveled all over the world; Columbia, Japan, Singapore, India. And the thing that separates us Americans from the rest of the world is our language or the lack thereof that we know any other language other than English. You know, we say, “hey speak English or don’t speak at all.” And when you travel outside of the US, you quickly realize that MOST other countries speak English and french or german, or whatever.

The point is; they speak multiple languages because they want to be able to communicate with each other. That seems funny considering we think we are the center of the universe. Most places I have visited have a few languages. Here in India, a gentleman, said they have 250 different languages. I guess the trip I am taking with this little bit of info I have learned is. Maybe instead of Americans spending time learning that native tongue I call “the ego,” we should embrace learning another language to broaden our countries horizons … like say, Spanish, BUENO

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Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle