Loving Healing Titles to Help Special Needs Children in Ireland School


Loving Healing Press (LHP) is donating copies of five of its children’s storybooks to the St Columba’s Girls National School with Facility for Deaf Children in Douglas, Ireland.princess panda cover

The titles selected for donating to the school include the following four illustrated storybooks by award-wining Canadian author Jewel Kats and a young-adult novel by Australian psychologist Dr. Bob Rich:

  • Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair (2011) by Jewel Kats
  • The Princess and the Ruby (2013) by Jewel Kats
  • Teddy Bear Princess: A Story about Sharing and Caring (2012) by Jewel Kats
  • The Princess Panda Tea Party: A Cerebral Palsy Fairy Tale (2014) by Jewel Kats
  • The Making of a Forest Fighter (2013) by Bob Rich

As the school’s website notes, all the children studying there, both hearing and deaf, are learning sign language and the school has been serving as a seat of learning for over a century. The select titles are expected to promote understanding of disabilities and social issues among the students of the school.

Aoife Dowling, Content Distribution Executive at ePubDirect, tells that the idea behind eShelf is to encourage children to read more for leisure, outside of the novels on their school curriculum.

“I have advised the school that the books on eShelf are best suited for students in first to sixth classes, with ages ranging from 6 to 12,” says Dowling. “Teachers will soon have the ability to hide titles from certain classes, depending on suitability; for example, a title for more advanced readers might be hidden from younger classes.”

Dowling adds that Individual teachers may choose to assign titles to students to read, and perhaps review: “It’s up to the teachers to decide how they want to make use of eShelf in that sense. Some teachers are assigning ‘Stop Everything and Read’ times during the school day to allow students to read eShelf titles.”

“Our core mission at LH Press is ‘redefining what is possible for healing the mind and spirit’”, says Victor Volkman, founder and CEO of LHP. “By donating books to students with any kind of disabilities, we expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.” He adds that by reading such books, children also learn the role of courage in overcoming any adversity—these bring key ingredients to build a successful life.

In accordance with their mission, LHP encourages other organizations that work with students having disabilities to contact the press for a book donation.

To learn more about Jewel Kats’ work visit http://www.jewelkats.com/ and explore more of Dr. Bob Rich’s writings at his website http://www.bobswriting.com/.


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