Obama LIEbrary to be build in home town of?


Obama LIEbrary to be build in home town of?


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily Scream Ahhh, Here we go!

Well, it is that time again, the time where the Government gets busy on the Presidential Library. Of course, no project involving the government is complete … I could stop there you know. No government project is complete without a little problem. Now, presidential libraries in general always seem to have issues on “Where to put them”. Not because we can’t find a place, more they want the best places in the cities and it just so happens there always seems to be something already there. Recently President Obama stated he would like to have the Library build in his hometown. And for future Jeopardy reference, that would be Chicago, not Kenya.

My only concern is that I hope the size of the Library is not based on the amount of work accomplished by the President and Congress. If it is, a simple garden shed will do. Oh and Mr.President, DONT leave this building job up to Republicans. If you do, I fear they will build an outhouse and be label it Obama LIEbrary.

Obama LIEbrary

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