Petoskey Windspire Constructed on NCMC Campus

The North Central Michigan College alternative energy club had a dream that they could install and manage their own alternative energy system. That dream became a goal and now the goal has been realised.

The installation of a 30 foot tall Windspire wind generator on the campus gave them exactly what they wanted. The club has been studying alternative energy, raising funds and planning for purchase and installation of an on site wind generator for more than a year.

With the help of Lake Effect Energy of Harbor Springs, Contractors Building Supply of Copemish, and Mazzter Electric of Petoskey, the alternative energy club oversaw the installation of the Michigan produced Mariah Power Windspire wind generator.

The club expects to use the generator as a learning tool for students and the community to show how alternative energy can be a reality.

The tower is located on the NCMC campus behind the Library Conference Center.