Reviving Golf by Loving the Irish


Reviving Golf by Loving the Irish

 ~ Amy Lignor

Name a sport and you can name a bad boy. In fact, if you name a specific sport your “bad boy” list could grow as long as Santa’s Christmas list. The news is constant when it comes to the NBA or the NFL or even the MLB players who end up arrested for a litany of bad activities. You have the ones who bow their heads and read letters of apology; and you have those who smile behind closed doors because they’ve just acted like idiots and copyrighted their actions in order to receive their next billion-dollar check in the mail.


Now, when it comes to golf Tiger Woods was the one hitting the headlines a while back. He was the one who had to apologize for interesting actions of his own, with social media and his cellphone messages not helping when it came to his marriage ending in divorce because of his Romeo ways. But now Tiger Woods is basically below the headline. In fact, his play has been so bad that he doesn’t even rate the headline on the sports page anymore. So what now? Golf is not exactly the most exciting sport…they need something to say…


IMG_0252Enter World #1 golf champion, Rory McIlroy. Certainly not on the level of Tiger, Rory is looking at more of a silly little thing that the PGA has to fine him for. Old Rory lost his cool, so to speak, and instead of fake smiling at the camera as he walked to the next green (like they all seem to attempt to do), he hurled his golf club into a water hazard during his second round at the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami on Friday.


Right after pulling his second shot at the par-five eighth sending it into a pond, a bit of the Irish was seen by everyone watching as Rory basically transformed his club into a boomerang and sent it sailing.


Rory definitely acknowledged his faux pas at the Trump National Doral Resort’s Blue Monster course. Perhaps, like the resort’s famous owner, it was just the golfer’s way of “firing” the club.


He stated that frustration was the enemy at that moment and it definitely got the better of him. He also went on to let kids know that if they had been watching him on television (although I cannot imagine any kid wanting to watch golf considering the eight million video games and cell apps they’re working on right now), that he would not encourage them to ever do such a thing and lose their cool. He was upset by the stain on the ‘role model’ image he’s creating, but no one will be stepping on him for it.


As always when it comes to the sports world, the sport of golf has their own “Big Brother” who will most likely pass down some sort of silly penalty for a silly move on McIlroy’s part. He will get the slap for his public demonstration of anger, but he will also get to golf next week with a man who is thrilled and smiling to be on top of the NFL heap, although sick to death of his own “gate” that has been following him around.


That’s right, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots QB and a man who basically looks like he has everything, is headed for a tee time at Augusta National with McIlroy. This duo will be able to yap all about dumb rules and regulations that exist in the full realm of sports.


So in the end, no, McIlroy doesn’t get a stunner of a “bad boy” title. He’s no John McEnroe, but at least he can have a little bit of vibrancy. Of course, even with that small dose he’ll still be standing next to Brady. And seeing as that anyone standing around or even near Brady doesn’t seem to be noticed anyway, if McIlroy wants to toss another club around he will definitely have that option.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle