Log Cabins Become Staples in 21st Century Living

  Log Cabins Become Staples in 21st Century Living By Amy Lignor   An old saying by an over-worked mom is: “Someday I’m going to take the cat and head to a log cabin in the woods.” The feline was always invited, but the kids driving her crazy were not. Over time, the log cabin […]

Housing Sales Increase but Questions Remain

  Housing Sales Increase but Questions Remain By Burt Carey   Big bankers and mortgage lenders like Bank of America and Merrill Lynch say changing demographics are fueling a first-time home buyers market in 2015 that may be short-lived. Real estate, it seems, is heating up – at least for value seekers. At the current […]

Old House or New, ClimateMaster Benefits the Homeowner

This Old House is one of the most trusted names when it comes to the realm of building and remodeling. American homeowners love to receive the expert advice on everything from home improvements to upgrades. Basically, they learn all the survival skills they need to know to save money and improve their home. Just by […]

Home Bazaar Petoskey Lake View Cottage Birdhouse

Functional birdhouse for outdoor use Fully assembled Wood construction, unpainted interior, ventilation and drainage Correct hole size for common nesting birds. No other hardware required Petoskey, the Northern Michigan resort town has the most delightful summer cottages. This birdhouse, embellished with hanging flower baskets and topped with a rich western red cedar roof, will provide […]