Victim of Monroe County’s Torment Dies

‘Tim Iocoangeli is dead! The victim of Monroe County’s torment is no more in this world. Tim died Tuesday morning, sometime after

One of Tim's accused boxer dogs in Monroe

One of Tim’s accused boxer dogs in Monroe

chatting with me on Facebook at around 1:30 am. After struggling with the shock and grief for over 24 hours, now I have a question that’s bothering me: Shall I congratulate the Monroe County court and animal control in Michigan over seeing their object of persecution perish? Or shall I express my sorrow to them since now they won’t be able to suck his blood anymore?

Tim’s four boxers were killed by Monroe County court and animal control last year after they bit a teenage girl who was at the door in the absence of Tim and his son. Without a fair trial or independent, objective assessment of the dogs’ behavior, all four dogs were ordered to be killed. The teenager and his boyfriend who opened the door were never held responsible and this accident – for that is what really was – was turned by the Monroe County into an opportunity to exploit a citizen who obviously had no means to defend himself against them. Tim became homeless while defending himself against the oppressive court, and disabled due to an accident so that he had to walk with a cane. Life was falling apart for him.

Yet, the county court was preying on him and fined him $15,000 for keeping dangerous animals on his property. No evidence of dogs being vicious, no question of how Tim could have known his dogs were or could be dangerous, for they had a peaceful history. But being the authority, the county court was openly bent on extorting money out of him. Tim faced going to jail or paying the fine. And then just days ago, the court allowed him to pay in installments of $500 a month – a sham move of care behind which the constant purpose of extortion was plain obvious.

“They want to make an example of me,” Tim said to me on more than once. He felt the county was vindictive toward him because the case of his dogs had been discussed in media and the country had received an angry reaction from the public. He couldn’t afford an attorney and was told that his best chances were to plead guilty; there was no other option left, or so he was told.

Animal rights activist Denise Carey-Costa recently started a fund-raiser to help Tim, and I made a few posts to promote the cause. We assured Tim that the worst had passed – referring to the death of his four canine family members – and that he will soon be a free man; that the county cannot enslave him forever. And we told him we would help him find a job – something he is able to do. He would say he wanted a life again and would be happy to work as an animal rescuer, seeing what had happened to his dogs. But deep inside, was his spirit broken? Did he really believe what we were assuring him of?

How Tim died is not known at this moment. Was it disease, accident, suicide, something else? We may never know, unless the cause of his death is investigated independently. But we know now for sure that slavery has not ended in this country of allegedly free men. Courts that work under the rubric of “justice” openly violate civilians’ rights, even kill their families and forcing them into paying extortion money. Tim was being enslaved after his family dogs were murdered. He was to be bound not to leave the state until he had paid his due to be a free man; and he was being barred from having pets again. He was made an example of, as he had feared – an example of how a free man can be enslaved and his life shortened by the bang of a gavel that sides with the criminal, is sold to the violator, and makes the worst noise to human ears.

So will Monroe County be happy now that the man they tortured is dead? Maybe not, for their 15000 dollar booze is gone. But will they be sad or concerned? Maybe, not for what happened to Tim but just to be able to find someone else to sink their teeth in their flesh and suck blood out of it. It is still the age of vampirism and the black robes common to judges, attorneys, and vampires is no coincidence.

Final word – Rest in Peace Tim. You couldn’t be enslaved. You were a free man, and you are the same.