Will Roberts – Cowboy in Bollywood!

Will Roberts – Cowboy in Bollywood!
I am Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream .. Ahh.
Ok, so maybe not daily lately. If you listen to or read my daily cartoons, you might be thinking .. Where have you been Will.
Well, I’m still there. I mean here as in where I’ve been, and that is Mumbai India. I am working, as an actor, on a Bollywood film. And let me tell you with a 19-hour flight and  13 hours ahead, it’s made it a little tough to keep in contact.  But what I will tell you is, I will keep you folks up to date, and I will also shed a little light on how things run here in India. So, let me briefly touch on that. In the 2 days, I have been here I have realized that there are as many motor vehicles as there are people and the most treasured piece  of equipment on a car is THE HORN.
I’m convinced that the whole of population of OVER 20 MILLION would come to a standstill if their horns broke.  The backs of all the cars say Honk IT   OK ..which means if you want me to move Just honk, which is odd because we’re in traffic.
So I am off to work while most of you should be off to sleep. Talk to you soon.. Oh, and Namaste. Which, by the way, is more than just a trendy thing to say in LA, It means hello or goodbye, So, Namaste, talk soon.

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