Yamaha’s Inline 2.8-liter F200 and Helm Master® Make a Great Match


Yamaha’s Inline 2.8-liter F200 and Helm Master® Make a Great Match

by Ted Lund


Yamaha’s Helm Master fully integrated boat control system set the standard by which all other multi-engine, articulated control systems are judged. Now, by combining Helm Master with Yamaha’s award-winning 2.8-liter inline four F200, boat owners can enjoy integrated control of the innovative, compact, lightweight outboard power on medium-sized boats with twin installations.


The Power Plant

Helm Master  by Yamaha

Helm Master
by Yamaha

Yamaha’s new inline 4 F200 is more than 100 pounds lighter than Yamaha’s V6 F200 and weighs just 14 pounds more than the equivalent 200 HPDI® outboard. It’s also the lightest four-stroke 200-hp engine on the market and features 26-inch mounting centers making the F200 repower-ready.

The four-cylinder F200 is equipped with Yamaha’s (VCT) Variable Camshaft Timing, which helps the outboard deliver quick acceleration and a strong midrange punch — just like its Yamaha V6 Offshore siblings. The 2.8-liter 16-valve DOHC powerhead breathes easy and responds quickly.. Coupled with the most favorable power-to-weight ratio of any four-stroke 200-hp outboard, the F200 is a formidable addition to any boater’s stable

The F200 is naturally aspirated for less complexity and better fuel economy, and while some competitors require 92 octane fuel to produce their rated 200 horsepower, the 2.8-liter F200 produces its rated horsepower on 89 octane.


Helm Master Integration

Helm Master for F200 applications incorporate the latest innovations for the fully integrated boat control system including adjustable joystick calibration to fine-tune forward/reverse thrust; boat-builder selectable engine trim when in joystick mode; updated and improved system software; improved corrosion resistance for the control box and control units; and relocated steering position sensor to allow greater tilt angle. Added steering clip locks keep outboards stationary during travel or long periods of non-use, ensuring consistent results trip after trip.


Helm Master Controls

Helm Master’s new remote control box uses two levers to control up to four outboards at once. It trims up to four overviewoutboards individually or simultaneously and has single-lever control for up to four outboards, providing automatic engine speed synchronization.

The Helm Master Joystick allows for the side-to-side and rotational movement of the vessel. The entire system utilizes the Helm Master 6Y9 Display, which gives boaters instant access to  wide array of information including RPMs, gear selection, fuel flow/economy, engine systems functions, speed, water surface temperature/depth, steering friction adjustment and rudder angle.

Helm Master is available on select new twin, triple and quad Yamaha outboard installed on new boat packages manufactured by participating boat builders and sold by authorized dealers only.  For more information or to learn more about the entire line of Yamaha products or to locate an authorized dealer near you, visit www.yamahaoutboards.com.


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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