Zimmerman: IKEN only guess what I AYO so …


Zimmerman: IKEN only guess what I  AYO so …
I am Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream… ahh.. Here we go.
Now it’s always good to have friends, especially the ones that help you when in need it or they let people know what a great guy you are, case in point, George Zimmerman. It seems he has some good friends at the law firm of Ayo and Iken, and they helped him produce a video that blames the president for bringing racism to his normal, every day, target shooting.  Let’s be clear; if this incident were in any other state, the outcome would have been different. Ok, back to my point.  He blames the president for setting the issue on fire. Yeah, because what you did after the trail was so normal.
*Aggravated assault with a weapon
*Road rage and followed another driver.
*Pointed a shotgun at girlfriend
*Threatened his estranged wife her father with a gun and had punched
  her father in the face.
Lets be clear with one more thing;  This video on all news outlets with Mr. Zimmerman, produced by his lawyers, is a commercial!  It even takes you to a list of services, because, innocence these days is determined by the size of your defense attorneys.
and although it reads as Ayo and Iken attorneys.
I know Mr. Zimmerman is thinking every day of Ayo and Iken. Only I bet it’s more “IKEN only imagine how much AYO so Ill make this commercial for you.”
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