BAM Thrives With the Franchise

BAM Thrives With the Franchise

 ~ James Moore

BAM Brands claims many well-known and successful franchises: MassageLuXe, FaceLuXe, Xist Fitness, Spray La Vie and The TAN Company. And there are many reasons why these particular franchises are seeing such a high rate of success.


shutterstock_4838161When you are an entrepreneur on the path to becoming a franchisor, or you are a franchisee just opening who is trying to make the best name in the neighborhood, there are very specific factors you should look at before racing into that ‘new’ world.


The extremely important factor many may not think about when getting a franchise to run well, is hiring techniques. BAM franchises are known for their customer service and satisfaction. That does not only mean the environment must make the client comfortable, it also means that all employees hired by a BAM franchise excel when it comes to being dependable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the company.


An employee must fit into the company. They must be competent people who can certainly learn the business and also get along with their boss and co-workers. The employees you hire are the cheerleaders for your franchise, so they must have that vim and vigor that shows the client walking through the door how solid the core of your business is. Although resumes are standard, in this day of unsurpassed technology programs can now write a resume for you, making the information far less reliable. Those face-to-face interviews are really what’s critical in order to make the selection that will best fit the needs of your franchise. Hiring is an art form, and whether you believe it or not, one wrong employee can lead to so many bad reviews that your franchise will close.


Marketing is a key factor that, unlike hiring, franchisors and franchisees look at with a close eye. They choose that PR team that understands howshutterstock_2196984 a franchise system works. They understand that the franchisee, although still following the basics of the company, need to have a voice when it comes to their local marketing. A franchisee must be allowed to take an active role when it comes to the marketing and PR that will be done in their ‘neck of the woods.’ If they do not have that, the marketing/PR campaigns that may work in one section of the U.S. will cause a franchisee in anther area to experience low ROI.


There are moments where you will have to splurge. Capital expenditures are rough, but social media, mobile marketing – all of these issues are key to your survival.


Another way to make sure you have a successful franchise is to be open about things. You need to be steadfast in certain areas, such as hiring, but you also must be willing to try something new. Whether that be events, contests, giveaways, local get-togethers – changing the way you do things will get you out of the rut and open new doors to potential customers.


Make sure your approved vendors remain approved. In other words, you want the highest-quality for the most affordable prices from your vendor. Don’t be afraid to shop around.


Industries grow quickly. Take the MassageLuXe success, for example. The demand for massage franchise services is growing faster than ever. Even the American Massage Therapy Association stated that the industry was a $16-20 billion dollar industry in 2009, and has grown tenfold since.


MassageLuXe is successful because it’s built on a mission to service their clients by offering A+ everything. The reviews grew quickly and the staff recognized the fact that customer service and satisfaction was, at all times, number one on their list.


Also, when working with a BAM Brands company like MassageLuXe, Area Development Agreements (ADAs) are offered to qualified, experienced individuals. This process can take a single-unit ‘hope’ into a multi-unit success.


Loyalty, reliability, top-notch customer service – these are the ingredients to owning a successful franchise. Or, just save time and become a franchisee with a BAM company. After all, they’ve achieved success so growing with them will make you successful too.



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