Definition of AFC Wild Card Games: Say What?


Definition of AFC Wild Card Games: Say What?

by Amy Lignor

What most fans will agree to when looking back on this Saturday and remembering the AFC Wild Card Weekend is that Big Ben is the “must-have” for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Without him, their particular team seems to be more than confused as to what game
AFC Wild Card Weekend, Bengals, Steelers, Say What?, Manning, Chiefs, Coach Belichick, Patriots vs Broncosthey’re even playing. This was proven yet again at the end of this game with a Pittsburgh win (18-16), when watching QB Big Ben being carted off the field…just to have him come back out and move his team down the field in order to take home bragging rights.

Now the Cincinnati Bengals, their archrivals when it comes to their division, were certainly not on the money, and they were more than depressed when they finally were able to get something going and pull ahead of Pittsburgh in the final quarter.

The “Say What?” moment for the Bengals came from the ridiculous hits they made that caused Pittsburgh to stay in the game. Everyone knew about the cloud that hung over the Bengals heading into this game – not winning a postseason match-up since the Lord was a boy. But this time out, people assumed that without QB Andy Dalton playing because of injury that the cloud would finally be lifted, they would indeed celebrate, and then head off to a…much better team than they are, where they would end up losing anyway. But, at least they would have one playoff game under their belts. …That was not to be.

The Bengals had two of their star players fined, one knocking a Steeler unconscious, and it seems their fans are right up there with them. One Cincinnati headline reported that six were “arrested in assaults” during the game. And with this…the cloud grows even bigger over the Bengals. Perhaps that would explain why the sky was pouring rain for most of the game.

The other AFC wild card had its own “Say What?” moments, when the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans began. The biggest question was: where, exactly, were the Texans? Yes, they already had a cloud as well in regards to winning a post-season game. But everyone loves J.J. Watt – the tough defender that can literally take a team apart piece by piece. But with this 30-0 final score, it looked more like the Texans had missed the plane to the game (much like an NFC player “decided” to do for HIS wild card game, but that’s another article). Although J.J. Watt was even put in on one play in the offense to attempt to run the ball and nab a TD when the Texans were practically on the goal line, it was not to be for the big man. Leaving the game with a groin injury that many fans (and men) felt around the globe, Watt made no difference in a truly boring game that was basically over in the first few seconds with a runback and TD by the Chiefs on the very first play.

Pittsburgh now heads to the mighty Denver Broncos to meet up with the newly-bowed-to Peyton Manning. And the Chiefs head to the mighty New England Patriots to face a team that always seems to find some new no-name player to help out when necessary so Coach Belichick and QB Tom Brady can win.

Are we already looking at an AFC Championship Game starring the Patriots versus the Broncos? Wouldn’t be a shocker.




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