Everyone deserves a CRAPPIE day!

By Darren Shepard

Life is full of challenges and most certainly, some days are better than others.  However, this time of year when the “Dog Woods” bloom in the South anglers know it is time for another CRAPPIE day!

With all the rain we have had in the south, as well as around the country the past couple of months, Lake Lanier levels are up significantly. Water temperatures in the 58 plus degree range are abundant, and creeks, points and shallow areas are holding crappie at different stages of the spawn. Best bets are backs of coves, drainages, docks, down hardwood trees, and even grass edges and shallow secondary points.

Everyone deserves a CRAPPIE day!  Life is full of challenges and most certainly, some days are better than others  However, this time of year when the

My wife Tammy and I needed a break from the past couple of weeks. She enjoys hitting the water and catching a few fish. We both enjoy fishing for multiple species in both freshwater and saltwater environments. But for this trip, especially after several hard weeks, we decided to fish slowly with floats and minnows to catch a few spawning crappies on a warm spring day.

Sometimes as anglers, I think we get in too much of a rush. This day, slowly moving from each “hotspot” casting minnows with floats into the grass, down timber and brush piles is precisely what we needed. We were able to catch fish and in fact, bring home a few keepers for a great end of the day fish fry.

Equally beneficial was the time Tammy and I were able to spend a little time together conducting a family “board” meeting if you will, away from the massive time constraints each of us faces with family, work and other obligations.  We were able to relax, discuss work, family issues, plan a few items for our daughter as she heads to college and address many other small issues as we boated a few keepers.

This trip provided a great day to unwind, spend some time together, relax and we even managed to catch a few fish. I highly recommend taking your wife or kids and head out to your favorite fishing spot and cast a few minnows in the shallows. I think we sometimes forget the joy of a quick strike and a float disappearing brings to us instead of making cast after cast pursuing other species. Besides, a trip like this one would be a great way to spend some time with family or friends and reconnect. That’s a great benefit of fishing and being outside too.  In the end, you might just find out that a CRAPPIE day is a great day too!

Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com

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