Rendezvous Time


Rendezvous Time

By Ron Parker

According to Webster’s a rendezvous is “A place appointed for assembly or meeting.” That doesn’t sound too exciting and does not describe the way boaters define their rendezvous. Annual boaters rendezvous are designed so that boat owners can get together with other owners of similar boats, and this turns into a great party. The U.S. recreational boat market consists primarily of production boats and that means a lot of boaters own the same models and brand of boat which makes getting together more interesting and more fun.


Top manufacturers hold these events which allow the people that build the boats to get together with the people that use and own them. This type of owner-builder interaction can lead to great ideas that can be incorporated into new models or modifications to existing models. The manufacturers also bring new boats to the rendezvous that can be toured by the existing owners and their friends. This allows current owners to get a firsthand look at the new boats that the builder of their existing boat is now offering. Happy customers then move up or sometimes down into models that have new configurations, power options, or different styling and amenities.


Boating in the same type of boat builds camaraderie. Not only can owners find out about exciting places to cruise, or great fishing spots, but they can learn tips and tricks from their boating peers. They compare their boat to others and see what modifications and improvements other owners have made. Manufacturers of engines, electronics, and other major components help boat owners troubleshoot problems and better understand their equipment. Educational seminars teach rendezvous participants about cruising destinations, fishing techniques, vessel operations and more. People other than the primary captain get a chance to learn about driving and maneuvering the vessel with professionals helping them, not their spouses or parents yelling at them.


Rendezvous are a great place to network with other boaters and learn about boats and destinations but the real reason most people attend is to have some fun. Themes range from Pirates to Cowboys, Mardi Gras to Margaritaville, with costumes for people, dogs, and boats alike. Music, dancing, and drinking, (in moderation of course) allow boaters to make new friends and get reacquainted with others they have not seen recently.
Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats hold the largest boatbuilder rendezvous in the world in Puget Sound. each year in early September. Nearly 500 owners and friends attended the 2018 rendezvous bringing around 180 boats. The Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats rendezvous is the kind of party most owners don’t want to miss. It includes meals, cocktails, and events, as well as educational seminars to help owners get more out of their boating including vendors like Garmin.

The main Ranger Tugs and Cutwater event is held in Puget Sound’s top rendezvous destination, Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. Access to Roche Harbor is by private boat, Washington State Ferry, or by light aircraft, including floatplane service on iconic Otter and Beaver aircraft from Kenmore Air. Roche is a former company town now turned resort with guest docks that can accommodate around 400 boats, 3 restaurants, an espresso stand, and a company store for stocking up on beer, wine, and light provisioning, or to purchase a fishing license. Roche Harbor onshore accommodations vary from the historic Hotel de Haro which has been in continuous operation since 1886, to modern suites with fireplaces and balconies. Condos and cottages are also available which have kitchens and are great for families. There is a swimming pool, tennis courts and play equipment for kids. The resort staff also facilitates catering and entertainment for large groups like the Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats rendezvous and they do it with a smile. There are other regional rendezvous in the Chesapeake Bay, Florida and this summer a group will get together on the Trent Severn waterway off Lake Ontario.

The best way to attend a rendezvous is by boat. Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats offer a variety of trailerable cruisers that are easy to operate, fuel efficient, and fun for couples and families alike. Novice boaters have no trouble handling the boats, and experienced yachtsmen appreciate their salty appearance, performance, and accommodations. Many models are powered by Volvo Penta inboard diesel, and others Yamaha gas outboards so there are great options for everyone. To find out more about the boats or to sign up for their E-newsletter go to or To attend the 2019 Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats Rendezvous Email


Original Source: Sportsmans



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