The Sun Shines on 49ers QB

The Sun Shines on 49ers QB

~ Amy Lignor

Kiefer Sutherland earned a salary of $40 million back in a 2006 contract that made him the highest-earning actor ever to grace a television set. That was for 24. That was the action and adventure that fans seemed to eat up with a spoon. And now there is another in California that is following suit. Colin_Kaepernick_-_San_Francisco_vs_Green_Bay_2012This time, there is no TV set; this huge payday comes from the belief of fans and bigwigs of the San Francisco 49ers that they have the QB in place that will bring them Super Bowl wins very, very soon.


Colin Kaepernick is their QB. He is the tattooed man who has always wanted to be among the best QB’s in the league. Apparently, someone with the cash believes that’s exactly what he will be – paying him a huge sum that basically throws a whole lot of weight on this guy’s shoulders to not make a mistake.


The multiyear contract extension will have Kap being a 49er until the year 2020, whether he likes it or not. This is a six-year extension that averages out to a total of $121 million dollars…with $61 million already guaranteed. Yes, guaranteed. In other words, if Kap is on the field and god forbid, has an ankle injury, the cash still rolls in. This is the highest guaranteed money ever given for any NFL player, but, like everything in this world, Kap also has some conditions to meet.


The base salaries for each year for Kap are guaranteed for that injury – but only injury. And Kap’s name must be on the 49ers’ roster every year. If not, the cash diminishes from 2015 through 2020 if Kap does not take at least 80 percent of the snaps in any given year.


The 49ers organization obviously believes Kap is the guy that will, like Montana and Young, become the ultimate in the QB world and head to the Hall of Fame one day. However, they are not dumb enough to just toss cash away, making it clear in the contract that Kap must purchase a disability policy so that it will pay back the team $20 million if he (again, god forbid), were to suffer am injury that ends his career completely.


For those who are unaware of how quickly Kap rose into the NFL spotlight of talent, this man was chosen in the second round of the 2011 draft by Jim Harbaugh, the coach of the 49ers who was starting his very first season with the NFC team. Perhaps it was fate or karma, but the two newbies to the Niners seemed to both grow and receive massive fan support. And Kap ended up becoming the starting QB when Alex Smith (another QB who was doing extremely well in the NFL), suffered a concussion.


Kap was young and new to the NFL. Yet his overwhelming stature at 6-4, 225-pounds – not to mention, his youth and passion for the game – brought thrills and chills to the gridiron. Kap used both rushing and passing (a QB “trend” that supposedly Michael Vick began…I’ll let you stop laughing before we continue)…to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl his very first year. It was actually heartbreaking for many to watch them lose to the Ravens at Super Bowl, and it was still more than heartbreaking to many when the Seahawks just beat the 49ers to head to the Super Bowl this past season.


But Kap will shake off his dislike for the bird community because he is young and is eager to prove that he and his team can be in the Super Bowl time and time again, and win!


Can the now, non-rookie do it? Coach Harbaugh seems confident of the kid and his abilities. The QB who already has six playoff appearances and one Super Bowl appearance in just two years states that he hopes to show the world that he is worth every penny of this contract. And although the jury is still out…the 49ers look and sound a great deal like that ‘old’ team full of superstars that won four Super Bowls and set the world on fire.



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